Summer 2019 Costa Rica Nursing Program

NURS 4660: Nursing Care of the Community Health Client (Clinical Rotation)

Faculty Leaders: Professors Leigh Shaver & Norma Vela

Course: NURS 4660 (6 credits) -- To be taken during regular summer session; Clinical Rotation -- To be completed in Costa Rica

Program Dates: May 18-26, 2019 

Estimated Program Fees: $2,091.74 (Includes: Round-trip airfare, in-country transportation, accommodations, most meals, scheduled excursions, and CISI international insurance coverage.) 

Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Tuition (6 credit hours), additional meals, personal spending. Note: Students will be enrolled in NURS 4660 for 6 credit hours for the regular summer term, so tuition will be assessed separately from the initial program fees. 

About the Program or Course: 

Nestled in San Isidro, Costa Rica, students will be staying at the Soltis Center while completing their required research and activities in the local community. This program was created to promote culturally appropriate, critically developed nursing care, with a global community perspective by offering a study abroad clinical experience of NURS 4660 during the Maymester preceding the summer semester course. 

Students will prepare with with a clinical orientation that includes: introduction to community health nursing, review of language/communication strategies, and research on health issues, statistics and the environment of Costa Rica. Students will work with families of children at the local school, the school staff and other community leaders to assess families and the community, identify needs/strengths, develop goals and objectives, and implement and evaluate family and community level interventions. Activities will include interviewing, health screenings, health promotion and education, and development of evaluation tools; all with the focus of meeting the clients'/families'/community's needs.

Student interventions will be evidence-based, low cost, interactive, culturally sensitive and appropriate, creative and focused on the population. Throughout the program, students will be documenting their time and activities, and reflecting on their experiences. Excursions from the community will support broadened understanding of health care in diverse environments of diverse populations. Upon return to campus, students will complete the rotation by producing a report and presentation on both family and community interventions to share with the rest of the class. 

Course Registration: Students will need to enroll in the NURS 4660 course for summer 2019; however, those who are selected for this program, will be completing their clinical hours/rotation in Costa Rica. Due to program restrictions, there is a limit on how many students can participate in the program. There will be two groups of 8-10 students. Each group will be assigned to one of the faculty leaders for clinical supervision. 

Accommodations and Meals: 

While in Costa Rica, students will be staying at the Soltis Research Center. The Soltis Research Center facilities is centered around the Bill and Wanda Soltis Academic Building. The Soltis Center is more closely affiliated with Texas A&M University - College Station; however, as part of the TAMU system, the individual campuses can utilize the Soltis Center for academic programs and research. The academic building includes a cafeteria, multipurpose room, laundry room, labs and two classrooms. 

Behind the academic building are 8 bungalows where faculty, staff, and student participants will be housed during the program. Students will be housed together in the bungalows by gender. Meals will be provided for students for the duration of their stay,

 Program Eligibility: 

  • Must be student in Nursing Program, AND be eligible to take NURS 4660
  • Must be selected for participation by faculty leaders
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

To Apply: 

Start your consultation with either Professor Shaver or Professor Vela to ensure that you are eligible for the course and program participation. Once you have been conditionally selected by the faculty members, submit the Study Abroad Application Form and a copy of your unofficial transcripts, to the Office of International Education by November 16, 2018

Student will be notified of the follow-up procedures required to complete the TAMU-CC study abroad process shortly after their applications have been processed. 

Application Deadline: November 16, 2018

Other Important Deadlines: 

  • $200 Confirmation Deposit Due: Early December
  • Program Fee Payments: (Broken into 3 installments, due the 16th of every month starting January 2019- March 2019)
  • TAMU-CC Study Abroad Scholarship Application Deadline: February 15, 2019
  • Tuition Payment Deadline: April 2019 

Visa/Immigration Information: 

All participants will need a valid passport in order to participate on the program. In order to remain valid, passports cannot expire until 6 months after the program end date. U.S. passport holders are not required to apply for a study visa; however, students from other countries may need to check and see if they will need a visa in order to enter/study in Costa Rica. 

For more information, contact: 

Office of International Education (UC, 226)

Tel: 361.825.3346