For Faculty

Which Faculty Members Tend to Do Best on Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs?

(arranged in no particular order)

 Those with (the)

  • Ability to collaborate with other faculty in order to place student needs in the central position.
  • Adaptability in regard to physical conditions, technology connections, emotional atmospheres, food offerings.
  • Ability to remain positive in the midst of stressful situations and to model problem-solving responses for dilemmas that occur.
  • Ability to respond with needed program proposal materials in a timely manner.
  • Experience teaching, supervising, or designing experiential learning opportunities including internships and research opportunities, for example.
  • Experience teaching Core Curriculum courses or teaching in TAMU-CC Learning Communities or First-Year Programs.
  • A background of studying abroad, working abroad, or living abroad.
  • Any experience taking groups or groups of students for travel abroad or in the US, such as educational field trips.
  • Success with teaching undergraduates.
  • Student-centered developmental education experiences such as mentoring, advising, counseling, tutoring.
  • Experience camping, hiking, or any outdoor physical activities solo or in a group.

What Planning and Research Do I Need for my Program/Course Proposal?

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