For Faculty

TAMUCC Faculty-Led Process Overview

I. Meet with the Chair and/or Dean of your department to discuss your course and to discuss enrollment targets for your course.

a. Most courses should target 12-15 students per faculty, in order to keep the program financially feasible.

II. Meet with the Office of International Education to discuss and identify partners in the areas/regions you would like the program to take place. 


III. Work with on-site partners or provider programs to adapt course syllabus for international aspects.

a. Excursions can be used to enhance the student experience; however, should not constitute more than 30% of the overall program experience.

IV. Complete faculty led program proposal process & submit for approval

a. Application form with course information

b. Expense breakdown

    1. Include fees for faculty and students for airfare, accommodations/lodging, meals included in program, in-country travel, excursions/entrance/guide fees, etc.

    2. The Office of International Education will assist you with putting the overall program budget

c. Detailed itinerary/schedul
    1. Include any pre-departure sessions, travel dates, on-site orientation, excursions, etc.
d. Justification Memo

V. If program is approved, work with OIE to determine:

a. Application procedures and deadlines

b. Marketing & promotion

c. Application review & selection process

VI. If program fills and is confirmed to run, faculty can complete the Foreign Travel Approval process and the Travel Request process for their intended program. 


Forms you need

Faculty-Led Program Proposal Process Overview

Faculty Led Programs Cover Sheet & Detailed Narrative

Justification Memo Sample

Budegt Form (please contact us to discuss the budget detail before create the budget form)


For any further questions, contact

Office of International Education
University Center 226
(361) 825-3346