How to Apply

Things to Consider Before Applying to a Program

There are many factors that students need to be aware of before starting any study abroad application. The more students know about what they want and need out of their study abroad program, the better prepared they will be to make a decision about which program is right for them. 

Take a look at our Study Abroad Planning Guide, to see what things students should be considering before identifying and applying for a program.  

After taking a look at the planning guide, students should make an appointment with the Study Abroad staff, to discuss their program selection, which application procedure they will need to follow, as well as follow-up procedures required by our Office. Students can stop by the Office of International Education (OIE) in University Center, Room 226; Email:; or Call the OIE Front Desk at: 361.825.3346. Appointments are preferred; however, walk-ins are welcomed. 

Applying for a Program

All students will need to submit a Study Abroad Application and an unofficial transcript to the Office of International Education, regardless of their program selection; however, additional application materials required will vary depending on which program students select. 

Deadlines are very important! All programs have pre-established deadlines, so students should research not only WHAT application materials are due, but also WHEN they are due, and WHOM the items need to be submitted to. 

Faculty-Led programs and Exchange programs usually require students to submit application materials to the Office of International Education for conditional acceptance to the program.

Students from the College of Business, who are applying to one of the exchange programs, will need to initiate the application process with with their CoB Academic Advisors. Due to limitations on how many students can be sent on exchange programs, students will need to be nominated by the College of Business for certain exchange programs. 

Follow-up Procedures

Students will need to submit follow-up forms to not only the Office of International Education, but for their programs as well. Students applying for exchange programs and independent/provider programs, will need to submit application materials to the host institution or their provider program in order to receive their OFFICIAL acceptance/admissions into their program. Failure to do so could lead to a students inability to participate in their respective programs. 

Program Payments 

Exchange Programs: Students applying to exchange programs will pay tuition to their home campus. Costs associated with admissions, registration, & housing will be assessed by the host university, or the providers they utilize for this service. Many of these costs will be billed directly to the student and will be due to the host university or their service provider prior to the program start date. Due dates will vary and are based on the deadlines set forth by the host university and their service providers. 

Early Collection of Fees for Faculty-Led Programs: Faculty-led programs, or program expenses, are sustained through fees collected from students as part of their Program Fees. Because of this, program fees for faculty-led programs are collected at least a semester prior to the program's actual start date. Because these fees are due well in advance of the program start date, students should be making financial preparations to make these payments.

Students participating in faculty led programs will be expected to make a $200 Confirmation deposit, usually 2-3 weeks after they receive their conditional acceptance letter from OIE in order to confirm their participation in the program. The remainder of the program fees will be broken into installment payments (typically, 2-4 installments based on the program fee total) and will be collected each month leading up to the program start date. Failure to make installment payments, on-time, can delay OIE's ability to secure program arrangements. Students who fail to pay the program fees in full by the program start date will NOT be allowed to participate in the program, and may not be entitled to a full refund. 

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees for faculty-led and exchange programs are considered separate from any program fees that are assessed by OIE for the purpose of securing program arrangements. Tuition fees will vary based on the students level of study (UG vs. GR), their residency status, which year they started their enrollment, and which Academic College their degree program is housed in. 

Tuition fees will be billed directly to a student's SAIL account according according to the term in which they will study abroad. Tuition fees will need to be paid in full prior to the program start date in order for students to be able to participate in their program and remain registered at TAMU-CC. Failure to pay tuition fees in full may result in a students withdrawal from the program. I the event that students are withdrawn for this reason, students may not be entitled to a full refund of program fees.

Independent/Provider Programs: Students participating in an independent/provider program will be billed directly by the provider program. Any application fees, program deposits, and program payments will be due to the provider according to their payment deadlines. Provider programs have their own refund and withdrawal policies, so students will need to familiarize themselves with the provider's policies. Failure to adhere to the provider programs deadlines could lead to program withdrawal/cancellation. Tuition fees for most provider programs are already included in their billable program fees. TAMU-CC will not assess additional tuition for programs which already assess students for tuition. 

For any further questions, contact us

Office of International Education
University Center 226
(361) 825-3346