Independent Study and Research


As an independent student, you will need to explore which program that third-party providers offered you are interested at. Below are some recommendations for you.



  1. Students set-up appointment with Study Abroad Advisor
  2. Students complete "Student Record" when they visit an advisor
  3. Student receives Budget Worksheet & Required Materials list
  4. Students will need to complete the separate application process for the independent program.

Phase 1 w/OIE:

  1. Students bring in program information to be vetted by SA staff
  2. Students complete course approval forms
  3. Student file is created
  4. Scholarship information is provided
Phase 2:
  1. Student meets with Academic Advisor to discuss potential courses and complete course approval form.
  2. Student provided with information on how to obtain a foreign credential evaluation (when they complete their program)
Phase 3:
  1. Students meet with SA Staff to submit course approval forms
  2. Students submit "Certified to Study Abroad Form" or "Participation Approval Forms" from their independent program.
  3. Students submit a copy of their latest degree plan.
Phase 4:
  1. Students must submit a copy of their official acceptance letter from their provider program. (This letter can be used for TAMUCC Study Abroad Scholarship application as well.)
  2. Students submit copy of passport & flight itinerary
  3. Students secure housing and insurance through their independent program provider, and must submit insurance verification to OIE.
  4. Students register for Study Abroad holding course during regular registration period.
  5. Students attend PDO.

For any questions, please contact

Office of International Education
University Center 226
(361) 825-3346