Independent Study and Research

Where have Independent Study and Research students from TAMU--CC gone and what have they studied?

  • You could study Mandarin in Beijing or take business courses in Rome.
  • Geology Field Studies courses are available on the Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Vienna attracted two TAMU-CC music students who took Music Performance Workshops and studied the music of the Viennese Classical Period

The following are a few of the Third-Party Providers who help students find programs to fit their individual interests:

Programs are available all over the world. Check out the following list of Universities for ideas: 

  • John Cabot University - Italy 
  • University of Cambridge - UK
  • The University of Granada - Spain
  • American University in Rome - Italy
  • James Cook University (SFS) - Australia
  • University of Auckland (IES) 

How to Apply?