Program Dates: July 11-22, 2019

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Courses Available*: 

  • SPED 5385: Foundations in Language Minority Special Education (3 credit hours) - Dr. Phyllis Robertson
  • ECED 4345: EC-6 Assessment & Evaluation (3 credit hours) - Dr. Jana Sanders
  • ECED 3324: Child Development (3 credit hours) - Dr. Jana Sanders
  • EDLD 6323: Special Topics in Educational Leadership (3 credit hours) - Dr. Lynn Hemmer

*Students currently enrolled in the following Spring 2019 courses** are eligible to participate in the International Component of this program. 

  • SPED 5380: Children and Adolescents with Behavior Disorders (Dr. Phyllis Robertson)
  • ECED 4350: EC-6 Social Studies Curriculum (Dr. Jana Sanders)
  • ECED 5337: Cultural, Linguistic, & Economic Diversity and the Effect on the Lives of Young Children (Dr. Jana Sanders)

**Students enrolled in the spring 2019 courses who are opting to complete the international component overseas, will be taking an "I" (Incomplete) for spring. Once the international component of the program is completed, students will be provided with their grades to fulfill the Incomplete.

Program Information:

The Texas A & M System has partnered with Hacienda Santa Clara Education and Research Center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to provide study abroad opportunities for students. Students participating in this program will provide English learning activities for elementary students who attend the Clavellinas School, located a few miles from the Hacienda Santa Clara. In addition, students will be collecting field notes that will be used in a research project in collaboration with other TAMU universities. Furthermore, students will provide English as a Second Language instruction for staff of the Hacienda Santa Clara. Students will complete course assignments aligned with these experiences. 

The first cohort of students participated on the program in Summer 2018. The program is being continued for Summer 2019 with the addition of the Educational Leadership course. Students will need to take at least one course being offered on the summer program, or be completing an "Incomplete" from one of the spring 2019 courses with the corresponding instructor. 


During the program, students will be staying at the Hacienda Santa Clara in shared rooms. Most meals are included in the program; however, students may need to budget for additional meals that aren't included in the program, or if students choose to obtain meals outside of the Hacienda Santa Clara. 


Students will receive credits for the courses as they are listed above. Because the courses and grades are being taught and awarded by TAMU-CC faculty, the credits earned on this program will be considered resident credit. Students who are participating on this program have to be taking either one of the summer courses available, or be currently enrolled in one of the spring courses to be eligible to participate. Students currently enrolled in the spring courses mentioned above, are not required to take the summer courses; however, they have the option to do so if they are interested in, or need the courses. 

Students, currently enrolled in one of the Spring 2019 courses mentioned above who do not wish to take the Summer 2019 courses can elect to take an "Incomplete" for the spring course in order to participate on the summer program. Students will need to complete all related assignments and activities on the summer program in order to receive credit and grades for their "Incomplete." Please check with the instructors, or College of Education, if have more questions about this option. 

Program Eligibility: 

  • 2.5 Minimum GPA (UG students); 3.0 Minimum GPA (GR+ students)
  • Good Academic Standing 
  • Must be able to take SPED 5385, ECED 4345, ECED 3324, or EDLD 6323 during the summer program, OR be currently enrolled in SPED 5380, SPED 5387, ECED 4350, or ECED 5337 (with Drs.. Robertson or Sanders) for Spring 2019.
  • Open to students in Education, BAAS, Educational Leadership, or those needing upper level electives in CLA

To Apply, students will need to consult with Dr. Phyllis Robertson, Dr. Jana Sanders, or Dr. Lynn Hemmer to discuss course eligibility (for summer), or to discuss Incomplete course option (for spring courses).

Once students have met with and been pre-approved by one of the faculty leaders, students will need to submit the 2019 COE Study Abroad Application Form and unofficial transcripts to the Office of International Education by February 15. 

Applications can be submitted in person to the Office of International Education (UC, 226) or can be scanned/emailed to: Study.Abroad@tamucc.edu

Estimated Program Costs: 

Please note that Program Costs have split into two major categories, Estimated Program Fees and Out-of-Pocket Expenses.

The Estimated Program Fees cover the billable program expenses and will be collected prior to the start of the program in order to secure and cover the costs for the program arrangements listed below.

The Out-of-Pocket expenses are fees that not billable to the Office of International Education, and cannot be included in the collectible program fees. The out-of-pocket expenses are will either be billed directly to students (i.e., tuition via SAIL) or will be the student's responsibility at time of purchase, need, or use.  

Estimated Program Fees: $3,034 


  • International Airfare
  • Accommodations/Lodging
  • Most meals
  • Scheduled Excursions
  • In-Country Transportation
  • International Health Insurance
  • Incidentals

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses: $1,840

Includes, but not limited to: 

  • Tuition (will vary based on student; i.e., UG vs. GR, resident vs. non-resident, College of enrollment, etc.)  Please Note: Tuition for Summer II will be assessed to student's SAIL account in May/June according to TAMU-CC tuition billing/payment deadlines.
  • Passport
  • Personal Spending (Additional meals, optional excursions, etc.) 
  • Course Materials/Textbooks

Please note early collection of Program Fees: Because the program expenses are sustained through the fees collected from students, the program fees will be collected well in advance of the program start date. Students will be expected to submit a $200 confirmation deposit within 2 weeks of the application deadline. The remainder of the program fees will be split into two installments, and will be due in the months prior to the program start date. Below are the tentative dates for collection of program fees for this program: 

  • Application Deadline: February 15, 2019
  • $200 Confirmation Deposit: March 1, 2019
  • 1st Installment of Program Fees: April 16, 2019 (Approximately: $944.67)
  • 2nd Installment of Program Fees: May 16, 2019 (Approximately: $944.67)
  • 3rd/Final Installment of Program Fees: June 16, 2019 (Approximately: $944.66)

For more information, contact: 

Faculty Leaders: 

Office of International Education: