2020 Islanders in Spain Faculty Led Program


2020 Islanders in Spain Program



Program Dates: July 3, 2020 - July 29,2020

Location: Vallodolid, Spain

Courses Offered: (Each course is a 3-credit hour course)

  • ARTS 1301: Art & Society (Dr. Cary Rote)
  • ENGL 2316: Literature of Culture: Literature of Spain (Tom Murphy)
  • PSYC 4332: Cross Cultural Psychology (Dr. Anthony Zoccolillo)
  • SPAN 1311: Spanish I (Dr. Mara Barbosa)

About the Program: 

The 2020 Islanders in Spain is a TAMU-CC faculty led program that runs every other year. On this program, students will have the opportunity to study with other TAMU-CC students and faculty for 4 weeks during summer session II in beautiful, historic Valladolid, Spain. 

About the Courses:

Program will feature four courses: ARTS 1301, ENGL 2316, PSYC 4332, & SPAN 1311. Each course's curriculum is enhanced by time spent in Valladolid and neighboring cities.

(Note about course selection: *Students will be required to take at least ONE of the courses being offered on the program; however, students can select a maximum of two courses if they should wish to do so. Students utilizing financial aid for the summer are required to enroll in a full 6 credit hours over the summer in order to be eligible for financial aid.)

ARTS 1301 will focus on Spanish art while visiting an array of museum and churches available in Valladolid along with public artifacts.

ENGL 2316 will engage in literature of the Iberian Peninsula that includes diverse Roman culture through the lens of Seneca's Thysetes, such as Courtly Love, the effects of the Crusades and the Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions that lead to the flowering of Al-Andalus poets and the quixotic experience of Don Quixote & Sancho Panza-Castilla-La Mancha region.

PSYC 4332 is designed to embrace Enculturation-taught through initial homestay experiences. Also, the course shall engage in gender and relationships by exploration through art and entertainment utilizing local theaters and museums. As part of the final project, we will explore culture and religion as told through visits throughout the study abroad experiences to churches and museums.

SPAN 1311 is designed for students with no previous knowledge of Spanish. It is aimed at developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills-from the most basic notions to more elaborated ones-within a Spanish cultural framework. Several of the class meetings will take place in public places where local native Spanish speakers are, and students will need to address them as part of their class activities. Once a week, the class will meet in places like the Rose Gardens, popular markets, coffee shops and cathedrals where they will do activities of observation of the interaction with the local population. 

About the Accommodations: 

While in Valladolid, students will be staying with local host families in order to provide a more well rounded experience in Spain. Host families and student placements will vary; however, every attempt is made to ensure that at least two students are placed with each host family.

Host family will provide shared rooms with basic furnishings (twin-sized bed, study desk, wardrobe/dresser, and bathroom). Keep in mind that students are living in a home, so there will be common areas that are shared and utilized by the host family (i.e., living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, etc.).

Typically, three meals a day are provided for each student by the host family as part of the home stay program. Meals will vary based on the host family; however, there will be occasions where students may need to purchase their own meals. When unable to attend a lunch or dinner meal with the host family, students are encouraged to notify the host family in advance, so they are aware of when they need to prepare or cancel meal preparations for the students. 


About the Program Costs: 

The program costs are split into three major categories: Billable program fees, tuition, and miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses.

Billable program fees are fees that can be billed to the university on the students behalf. The billable program fees, also referred to as the "Program Fee Costs," are always assessed PRIOR to the program start date and collected, in installments, the semester before the program start date

Tuition is considered a separate expense on-top-of the program fee costs. Because tuition is assessed by and collected by TAMU-CC, tuition is billed according to TAMU-CC's regular tuition billing cycles for the term that the program is set to take place. Students will need to make financial preparations for tuition and fees as well, since these fees typically are assessed and due before the program start date. 

Miscellaneous Fees are fees that are neither billable to our office nor collected by the university and can be incurred at any time prior to the program start date or while on the program. Miscellaneous fees will vary based on program and individual situations. Miscellaneous fees usually include passport fees, visa fees (if applicable), textbook/course fees, unscheduled/additional meals, personal spending, and/or activities that are not included in the program schedule. 

Estimated Program Fee Costs: $3,904


  • Roundtrip Airfare (Houston, TX - Madrid, Spain)
  • In-country transportation (Airport reception/drop-off and transfer to Madrid)
  • Accommodations (home stay)
  • Most meals (provided by host family)
  • Scheduled Excursions (if applicable)
  • CISI International Health Insurance Coverage

Estimated Tuition Costs: $1,300-2,600 (based on resident, UG tuition rate for 3-6 credit hours)

Estimated Miscellaneous Fees or Expenses: $400-800

  • Passport, Visa, personal spending, additional meals, unscheduled excursions, course materials/textbooks

Special Notes About Program Fees and Billing: 

Please note that students will be required to submit a $200 confirmation deposit in order to secure their spot on the program. Confirmation deposits are typically due in November for summer faculty led programs, after students have been notified of their conditional acceptance.  

Program Fee Billing: 

Billing and collection of payments for the Program Fees (billable expenses) will start in Spring 2020. The program fees for this program will be broken into either 4 or 5 installment payments and will due the 16th of every month starting January 2020-April/May 2020. 

Tuition Billing & Due Dates: 

Tuition will be assessed by TAMU-CC according to the tuition billing cycle and due dates for Summer II. Students will typically register for the course in late March/early April 2020. Tuition billing will occur in April/May 2020. Tuition fees will need to be paid in full by mid/late June 2020. 

Financial Aid, Veteran's Benefits, & Scholarships: 

Students who are utilizing financial aid, Veteran's benefits (G.I. bill or Hazelwood), or applying for TAMU-CC scholarships will need to start communication with the respective department/offices as soon as possible. Financial Aid, Veteran's Benefits, and TAMU-CC Scholarships (if awarded) are typically disbursed closer to the tuition due date for the term. Students will not have access to these funds prior to the term start date/or scheduled disbursement dates. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that they are making other financial arrangements to cover the confirmation deposit and program fees payments that will be due before the program start date.

Program Eligibility: 

  • Must be a currently enrolled TAMU-CC student
  • Sophomore + standing preferred, by program start date
  • 2.5 GPA Minimum
  • Must be in good academic standing, not on academic probation
  • Must be in good behavioral standing, no current judicial holds, behavioral or misconduct issues
  • Must be able to enroll in at least one of the courses being offered on the program
  • Must submit complete application for consideration & maintain eligibility prior to departure

To Apply, submit the following to the Office of International Education:

(NOTE: Application materials will be made available once program has been officially approved.)

Application Due Date: EXTENDED TO October 31st, 2019

For more information, please contact: 

Office of International Education

University Center, 226

Email: study.abroad@tamucc.edu

Phone: 361.825.3346