Programs Options Available at TAMU-CC


Understanding Program Types/Options: 

At TAMU-CC, we utilize three main program program types, or options, for students: Faculty-Led Programs, Independent Study/Provider Programs, and Exchange programs. There are many factors that students should consider before applying for a program such as their academic needs, financial resources, career aspirations, etc. Depending on a student's needs, there may be limitations on which program types may be available to them. 

TAMU-CC Faculty-Led Program 

Faculty-led programs are programs that are taught by TAMU-CC faculty in worldwide locations that are available to TAMU-CC students. Because the programs are taught by TAMU-CC faculty, courses can be very specific to a major or academic area; however, all of the courses/credits earned on these programs should already fit into student's degree plans as either a requirement or elective. Faculty-led programs tend to be shorter, in duration, often taking place over the summer months and can be a short as 10 days to as long as 6 weeks. Faculty-led programs will vary from year to year based on faculty interests and their areas of expertise.  

Provider Programs 

Independent Study, or Provider Programs, are study abroad programs that are available through a third-party provider such as study abroad organizations or other U.S. institutions such as other A & M system schools or the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. Since there are a lot of study abroad program providers, we encourage students to start with our recommended list FIRST before exploring other options. You can find program recommendations here.  All students who apply for independent or provider programs are still required to submit application materials to the TAMU-CC Office of International Education in order to be conditionally approved for your study abroad program.  Each program has its own application process and deadline, so please plan accordingly. Students applying for provider programs should set-up an appointment with the Office of International Education before they start the application process for the provider. 

Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs are programs in which TAMU-CC has a direct agreement with a specific institution overseas. Exchange programs allow students to study abroad for a semester or academic year. Currently, TAMU-CC is exploring the idea of adding more institutional exchange partners to the list, so be sure to stay tuned for updates. 

If students are interested in exploring exchange program options, please visit the Office of International Education and speak with a Study Abroad staff member. 


For any further questions, contact us

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