General Withdrawal Policy

Not only is it important to understand how much a study abroad program will cost, but, also, when payments are due, to whom they are due when the last day to withdraw from a program is, and if the payments are refundable. Depending on the program that students select these items of concern will vary. 

General withdrawal policies for Faculty-Led Programs 

  • Withdrawals prior to the official withdrawal deadline: Students can obtain the full refund of confirmation deposit
  • Withdrawals after the official withdrawal deadline: Student responsible for confirmation deposit OR Student may be eligible for refund of the confirmation deposit minus any program fee costs accrued on the student's behalf that are non-recoverable. 
  • Withdrawals made 61 days or more prior to program start date (and after withdrawal deadline): Student responsible for confirmation deposit and any program fee costs accrued on the student's behalf that are non-recoverable.
  • Withdrawals made 1-60 days prior to the program start date (after the withdrawal deadline): Student responsible for confirmation deposit, up to 50% of program fee costs and/or any costs accrued on the student's behalf that are non-recoverable
  • Withdrawal on/after the program start date: Student will be responsible for confirmation deposit and 100% of the program fees

General withdrawal policies for Exchange Programs 

Students participating in exchange programs may only have tuition fees & CISI Insurance Coverage Fees due to TAMU-CC for the term that they are abroad. Most other fees for exchange programs will be assessed by the host university and/or their service providers.

Students may need to pay application fees, registration fees, security deposits for housing, and housing rental fees to the host university directly and will need to abide by the host university's deadlines and withdrawal policies.

If students need to withdraw from their exchange program, we encourage students to do so as soon as possible, so they do not incur any fees from the host university. However, if students must withdraw from their exchange program after their start day, students may still be responsible for any, if not all, of their program fees and tuition depending on when the official withdrawal notification was received by either the host university and/or home university. 

General withdrawal policies for Provider Programs 

Provider Programs will have their own fees and deadlines for students and thus will have their own withdrawal policies and deadlines for students to adhere by.

Students should be working with their program provider to understand what and when their financial obligations are due to the program. Students may not always be eligible for a refund from their provider programs as refunds are subject to whether or not any of the costs already accrued by the provider, on the student's behalf, are recoverable or not.