Utilizing Veterans Benefits for Study Abroad

(GI Bill, Hazelwood Act, Etc.)

Veteran Education Benefits may cover some of your study abroad program costs; however, the coverage depends on what kind of benefits you are eligible for, and what kind of restrictions may apply, based on those benefits. 

In general, students utilizing veterans benefits will need to show that their study abroad program directly correlates with their degree plan. Students should also work with the Veterans Affairs Office to see what aspects of the study abroad program their benefits will cover: tuition, accommodations, travel, books/materials, etc.

Students should make sure they understand which benefits (state vs. federal) they are eligible for, as state benefits and federal benefits will differ. For example, most state benefits (i.e., Hazelwood) may only cover the cost of tuition; however, the tuition has been be assessed by, or payable to, TAMU-CC. This type of funding restriction may pose limitations on the types of programs students can participate in. In turn, this means that students utilizing the Hazelwood Act funding will be limited to exchange or faculty-led options.  

To see whether your study abroad expenses can be covered by your Veteran Education Benefits, please contact the Veteran Affairs Office at 361-825-2331 or email veterans.affairs@tamucc.edu, located on the first floor of the Student Services Center (the Round Building), Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

Each Veteran Education Benefit package is very different, so you will need to contact the Veterans Affairs Office and set up an appointment. You may need the following for your first appointment:

  • An unofficial copy of your transcript
  • A printed-out copy of your degree plan
  • All the information about the study abroad program that you would like to attend: which semester, the length of your studies, the start date of the program, and the courses that you would like to take

Eligibility for Financial Aid?

On another note, many students who qualify for Veteran Education Benefits typically do not apply for, or might not know that they are eligible to apply for, Federal Student Aid as well. If you are currently utilizing Veteran Education Benefits, and typically do not apply for any Federal Financial Aid (via the Financial Aid Office), you should consider completing the FAFSA and exploring other financial aid options available through the Financial Aid Office.