Return from Study Abroad Program

Adjusting to Life after Studying Abroad

You lived life for six months to a year one way and became accustomed to it, even if you know what life is like at home - you may not be fully prepared to convert back to it. Learn how you can go through after returning from study abroad.

Integrating Study Abroad into your Home Life

As you readjust to life back in the U.S., you’ll likely feel a bit lost, a bit of reverse culture shock and most likely sadness and emptiness as begin to miss the comforts of your study abroad home. However, there is a multitude of ways to maintain and integrate the newfound attitude, outlook and personal goals that you acquired from your incredible overseas experience into your at-home lifestyle. 

Documenting Your Trip after Studying Abroad

In an effort to avoid those nostalgic feelings and to enhance your storytelling, here are some fun ways to truly celebrate your time abroad and create some keepsakes while you're at it. Studying abroad is, after all, a once in a lifetime opportunity and you will want to be able to look back on it often in years to come.

Study Abroad & Your Graduate School Application

Learn about what the graduate school application committee may be looking for and how to use your study abroad experience in your grad school application and interview.

3 Steps to Showcase Study Abroad in Your Graduate School Application

Learn the best ways to showcase a study abroad experience on your graduate school application.

How to Take Advantage of Career Connections While Abroad

When you decided to study abroad, you may not have considered the career impact of your international experience. However, why not take advantage of what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain extensive international experience and develop skills which employers may find valuable when they look for new employees!

Effective Marketing of Your Study Abroad Experience to Employers

Whether or not you planned it, studying abroad may have made you more marketable to future employers. The skills and knowledge you learned while abroad may be easily transferable to the working world. But it is up to you to demonstrate the link between your study abroad experience and the specific skills valued by the company or organization that you want to work for. 

Featuring Study Abroad in your Cover Letter

Learn how to feature your study abroad experience in your cover letter. This article explains the best ways to showcase your time abroad in your cover letter. 

Study Abroad Interview Questions

This articles will help students integrate their study abroad experience into a job interview for landing the perfect job.

Showcasing Study Abroad on your Resume

The article provides examples for students on how to update their resumes with a study abroad experience.

Navigating the Job Search after Study Abroad

Study abroad has the potential to be life-changing and to bring about unanticipated new perspectives about your choice of major and career focus.  Even if you made the decision to go abroad without any consideration at all to how it might impact your career, the experience has been shown to be tied to career choices made years after graduation.