Advising Students

As someone who has the most direct interaction with students, faculty and academic advisors can largely influence whether or not students decide to study abroad. Because studying abroad requires a lot of research and planning, the earlier the idea of studying abroad is introduced, the better students can work a study abroad experience into their degree plan.

When discussing study abroad opportunities with students, it's important to help students develop clear and obtainable objectives for their upcoming experience. Do students want to take certain classes while abroad? Do they want to gain valuable work experience while abroad? Do they intend to obtain research experience while abroad? These are some of the main reasons why students want to study abroad; however, the conversation stems much further than academics. 

The benefits of a study abroad, or international experience, can change the way students view their environment and their role within it. Students also have the opportunity to gain life-long experiences that might not be readily available here in Corpus Christi, TX. Students may turn to faculty or academic advisors to get reassurance on whether or not studying abroad is a good idea or a sound investment. Students may also look to guidance from faculty or academic advisors on identifying countries, locations, or foreign institutions that might relate to their specific degrees or academic interests. 

There are lot of things that students will need to consider before applying for, or committing to, a study abroad program. General topics usually include: 

  • Academics - What classes to target? What classes are available? How classes transfer back? And, how the courses tie in to their degree plan.
  • Finances - What kind of funding sources are currently available? What additional resources are available? How to determine a study abroad budget? 
  • Program Options - Which of the program options fit best? Which term is more appropriate for studying abroad? 
  • Application Procedures & Deadlines - How do students apply for study abroad? What are the deadlines? What other procedures should students be anticipating and preparing for? 

You can find a general guide to the talking points listed above, here, in the Study Abroad Planning Guide for Students.

You can also encourage students to attend any upcoming study abroad related events which can be found on our Events Page.