Faculty Led Programs

Development Timeline

Faculty-Led Programs do require advance planning and preparation. Previous faculty experience in a certain location is not a requirement; however, it is highly preferred since the program proposal will require faculty to tailor their specific course and content to the host city or host country. The expectations for faculty and the faculty responsibilities, while in-country, will be elevated due to the distance from TAMU-CC resources and the increased amount of time that faculty will be spending with students on-site. 

In the event that faculty do not have a lot of in-country experience, they are encouraged to work with the OIE office in helping identify on-site providers who can assist with finding relevant resources in the host city or host country. Faculty with little, or no in-country experience, are highly encouraged to participate in a site/familiarization visit to the local site, or with on-site partners. 

Faculty should consult with their department, the Dean of their College, the Faculty Center for Excellence to see if there are additional grants/funding opportunities to complete a site visit or familiarization visit. Site or familiarization visits can help instructors get a feel for the locale and resources available and, also, ensure that the outcomes excursions or other planned classroom activities are relevant to the course's overall objectives.  Site visits should be completed PRIOR to submitting the final proposal. 

Faculty-Led Program Proposal Timeline: 

2 Years Prior to Program Start Date: 

  • Meet with Chair of your Department or Dean of your College to discuss your course, enrollment targets, and overall needs of the department or college.
  • Consult with the Office of International Education to identify resources or partners within your desired location.
  • Start looking at opportunities/funding for site or familiarization visits this location to help you better tailor your program to the location.

1.5 Prior to Program Start Date: 

  • Complete and Submit Program proposal for approval. 

1 Year Prior to Program Start Date: 

  • Start Marketing and Recruitment for the approved program.
  • Application and student commitment deadlines will be taking place during this time. 
  • Confirmation of program: target enrollments met, budget/fee estimates remain unchanged, confirming w/on-site partners

1 Semester Prior to Program Start Date: 

  • Confirmation of students continues
  • Collection of Program Fees from students (January - April)
  • Securing of program logistics (flights, insurance, excursion/entrance fees, etc.)
  • Course enrollment/Registration with specific academic departments
  • Student Preparation (Pre-Departure Orientation - OIE & program specific)

Post-Return from Program:

  • 30-60 days after program completion: Complete Travel Expense Reports with respective departments and/or the Office of International Education for your specific program.
  • 60-90 days after program completion: Complete Study Abroad Program Assessment Overview.
  • 60-90 days after program completion: Re-submit Ongoing Program Proposal if repeating program the following year.
    • It's recommended that faculty plan to lead ongoing programs every-other year, rather than every year, in order to give themselves more time to complete their TERs and the program assessment before attempting to run the program again.
    • This also provides more time to undergo the approval process, properly market the program, and allow for better student preparations since the application deadlines and payment schedules do not change for faculty-led programs. 

Faculty Led Program Proposal Documents:

Faculty who would like to submit a proposal for review will need to submit the following documents: 

  • Faculty-Led Program Cover Sheet
  • Travel Justification Memo
  • Budget Worksheet (OIE will help 
  • Detailed Narrative

For copies of the documents, please contact the Office of International Education for more information. 

Tentative Submission Timeline Sample: 

Summer 2021 Programs: 

  • Program Proposal Submission to Office of International Education: October 2019 - March 2020
  • Program Proposal Approval: March - April 2020
  • Program Recruitment: May - September 2020
  • Student Application Deadline: October 2020
  • Student Selection/Confirmation: October - November 2020
  • Official Program Confirmation (Pending enrollment targets have been met): December 2020
  • Program Arrangements, Student Preparation, and Collection of Student Fees: January - May 2021
  • Programs Transpire: May - August 2021