The Role of Faculty & Academic Advisors in Study Abroad

Faculty and Academic Advisors hold a unique position with regards to studying abroad programs. As someone who has the most direct interaction with students, faculty and Academic Advisors can largely influence whether or not students decide to study abroad. Faculty members are not only experts within their respective fields, but many are from different countries, have studied abroad, or may have participated in post-graduate studies, work, or research overseas.  Academic Advisors are most knowledgeable about degree requirements, course sequencing, and course flexibility for the academic departments they advise for. 

Faculty and Academic Advisors are not expected to provide in-depth advising with regards to studying abroad programs; however, they serve as catalysts that can further the conversation. By encouraging students to study abroad, participate in campus activities and events that help internationalize the campus, and providing more insights into the field or degree requirements, Faculty and Academic Advisors can help build and maintain a strong study abroad culture for our campus. 

We encourage Faculty and Academic Advisors to familiarize themselves with basic study abroad information, or just help direct students to the Office of International Education for further advising. To help your students start the study abroad research process, take a look at some of our general talking points in Advising Students.

Faculty also play a key role in Faculty-Led Programs since these programs are driven by faculty and student interest. Faculty experience in a certain location is not a requirement; however, it is highly preferred since the program proposal will require faculty to tailor their specific course and content to the host city or host country.

In the event that a faculty member does not have a lot of in-country experience, they are encouraged to work with the Study Abroad Coordinator to explore provider program options that can assist with program development and on-site logistics.

For more information about Faculty Led programs, see Proposing Faculty-Led Programs or contact Office of International Education

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